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Basking in unprecedented seclusion on the shores of a 7,000-hectare nature reserve, this peaceful place overlooks a pristine 1,000m beach and the crystal clear waters of Northwest Point Marine National Park.

Home to hawksbill and green turtles, the vividly hued coral reefs offshore are acclaimed for some of the world’s best scuba diving. Epitomising every aspect of the Caribbean idyll, Amanyara is a sanctuary for personalised wellbeing.


Set on a promontory with panoramic sea views, Amanyara’s Aman Spa claims over half a hectare all to itself. Reflection pools and wild gardens create secret spaces in which to pause, while the yoga pavilion is perched overlooking the spa ponds.

Sun loungers line the Spa’s terrace around its 10m2 aqua-therapy pool, beyond which lie four double treatment pavilions, a relaxation pavilion, spa boutique and Pilates Studio.

The Fitness Centre features a range of Technogym equipment, and the Clubhouse overlooks four tennis courts.

Other facilities include a boxing studio, soccer pitch, basket and volleyball courts and a juice bar. Sandy trails lead through indigenous vegetation into the nature reserve, ideal for meditative walks or mind-clearing hikes.

The beach itself acts as an extension of the Spa, providing a spectacular setting for boot camp sessions and water sports.


Freshly-caught seafood from the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, ripe and vibrant tropical fruits, and organic produce from the resort’s aquaponic vegetable garden all feature in the healthy menus curated for Amanyara’s Wellness Immersion program.

A healthy body contributes to a healthy state of mind and Amanyara’s healthy food menu consisting of clean, seasonal and nutritious food aims to stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, harmonise gut flora, support the digestive system, and maximise overall health.


Embark on a transformative wellbeing journey lasting three nights or more in the naturally restorative island setting of Amanyara. Expertly tailored to individual health profiles and wellbeing goals, Wellness Immersions are devised by the Aman Spa’s team of expert therapists, nutritionists and medical specialists to deliver lasting change.


Wave in Aqua

One-Day Wellness Immersions

For guests who wish to explore Immersions without committing to a multi-day programme, spa specialists will devise a personalised itinerary offering a condensed Immersion experience.

Individual Wellness Immersion

Experience a personalised Individual Wellness Immersion. Customised to incorporate fitness, bodywork, stress management and mindfulness practices, this holistic wellness program is designed to promote profound change.

Mindfulness & Stress Management

To cultivate serenity in the face of a stressful lifestyle, this Immersion shifts focus inward, using meditation, Qi Gong, yoga and breath work alongside specially selected therapies to release tension and promote clarity of thought.

Stress Relief Wellness Retreat

This four-night retreat in Amanyara’s idyllic setting unpacks the causes, effects and effective management of stress.

Aman Luxury Spa

Choose from a range of Aman Spa’s rituals, journeys, wellness services, body treatments, enhancements, bath menu, movement, and personal fitness, offering simplicity, tranquillity and time - elements so often missing in our busy modern lives.

the specialists (resident)

Amanyara works with the world’s most experienced specialists to ensure the most effective experiences possible.

Toby Maguire, Resident Wellness Immersion Manager (All Year)

Toby Maguire’s journey into wellness began in his early 20’s when a book on meditation completely transformed his life. Wishing to learn more and deepen his practice, he moved to Thailand in 1998 where he began to study in Buddhist monasteries. It was during this period that he also became interested in Eastern Medicine and studied Thai Massage, Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Hypnotherapy.

Toby has been featured in The Sunday Times, Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post for his work on managing stress and contributing to the health and wellness industry.

He has been practicing the healing arts of the East for more than twenty years and spent 13 years living in Southeast Asia where he worked and studied Eastern philosophy, Meditation and Chinese Medicine.

Erika Bloom, Pilates Specialist Wellness pioneer (All Year)
Erika Bloom is known around the world for her transformative method that begins with movement-based healing to restore holistic balance to the body and mind. Erika believes that through movement-based healing, you begin to cultivate a deeper awareness that allows you to live your life holistically.

The method explores how healthy posture and relearning how our bodies move, positively affects our organs, bolsters our energy, and impacts how we age.

The Erika Bloom Method encompasses Essential Movement as well as holistic nutrition, meditation, fascia release and complementary medicine. Within these offerings, you will receive full support from certified specialists in a calm, embodied state for any age, body type or condition.

Lenon Buenafe, Resident Spa Specialist
After graduating 2006, Lenon began her career working in the physical medicine and rehabilitation unit of a hospital in the Philippines. In 2008, she decided to expand her experience and work overseas as a Massage Therapist, and her background soon lead Lenon into training where she was able to share her broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology with other massage therapists.
Jick Cabebe, Resident Spa Specialist
Jick joined Amanpulo 14 years ago where he worked as a spa trainer and left to gain more knowledge in other more advanced techniques such as Thai massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Cupping.

He specializes in an alternative therapy called Hilot, an ancient Filipino art of healing that works on a physical and emotional level. It incorporates chiropractic like manipulation with specialized massage techniques on the Muscular skeletal system.

Amanyara’s visiting specialists

Trayl Aitken-Cade December 2022 – February 2023
Trayl started his career in South Africa working as a Personal Trainer and massage therapist in 2003. In 2006 he moved to Thailand where he studied Thai Massage and Reflexology at the Old Medicine Hospital and spent several years teaching Massage to students from all over the world. Soon after he opened his own practice in a sports club and later in a medical center. Since then, he has studied various forms of advanced massage techniques.
Shauna Shapiro February 2023
Shauna Shapiro, PhD is a best-selling author, clinical psychologist and internationally recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion. Shauna has presented her research to the King of Thailand, the Danish Government, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Summit, and the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as to Fortune 100 Companies. Shauna is a Summa cum Laude graduate of Duke University and a Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute, co-founded by the Dalai Lama.
Ana Mattos March 2023 – May 2023
Ana is an internationally acclaimed osteopath and naturopath based in London. She trained in Sports Massage Therapy, graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine, and completed her formal studies with a Masters in Paediatric Osteopathy. Ana specializes in the fields of children and women’s health, sports injuries, biomechanical realignment and Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy.
Don Saladino April 2023
For over 20 years, Don has coached actors, athletes, musicians, and business executives. In 2005, he opened his NYC Gym, Drive 495. He appeared on the cover of the iconic Muscle & Fitness Magazine and has been tapped as a fitness expert and featured in major publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Cosmo, Shape; and has made appearances doing live fitness demos on The Today Show, E News, The Juice & others.
Julian Martin November 2023 - January 2024
Julian specializes in sports injury rehabilitation and remedial massage. After finishing his studies, he worked alongside chiropractors and physiotherapists in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Sydney for six years, where he was treating rugby team players for pre and post-games massage. Soon after, he opened his own practice in a sports club and later, a medical center.


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