Designed for those seeking to regain control of their lives, this Immersion follows a programme of physical and mental practices, supported by mindfulness and meditation techniques, centering spa rituals and healthy nutrition, the Immersion helps shift focus inwards, guiding participants towards inner peace and lasting resilience.

Daily programme

Following an in-depth consultation on arrival, each full day of the personalized programme incorporates a combination of physical movement, specialist treatment sessions and prescribed spa treatments to offer a bespoke pathway to a more peaceful lifestyle.

Therapies such as hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga and Aman’s signature massage work in conjunction with a healthy Wellness menu to relieve physical stress and cultivate mental clarity.

Sample Itinerary



Breakfast from our Wellness Menu

Morning wellness class (Pilates, Qi gong, yoga, Pranayama, personal fitness training)

Wellness Therapy Session (meditation, postural reprogramming, hypnotherapy, physiotherapy)

Lunch from our Wellness Menu

Spa treatment (aqua bodywork, deep-tissue massage, Thai massage)

Dinner from our Wellness Menu

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