This program ensures palpable results, whether you wish to dispel stress, manage your mind, renew focus, or promote overall wellbeing for a longer, healthier life. It also encourages a heightened appreciation of the island’s natural beauty, from its coral reefs to its untouched nature reserves.

Amanyara’s Stress Management and Mindfulness Immersion pathway begins with an initial transformation program orientation and an in-depth consultation. Based on thorough assessments and the understanding that your goals may well be multiple, the dedicated team aims to support you with a bespoke program of exercise, spa treatments and healing therapies all focused on bringing you back to balance.

Each day of your Immersion is truly personalised and includes specialist therapy and private movement sessions, a spa treatment in the serene Aman Spa, optional guided meditation and group movement sessions. Amanyara’s Wellness Managers track your progress and regularly check in on how you are feeling in order to fine-tune your Immersion.

A final consultation marks the end of your program, Amanyara’s team aims to send you home empowered and educated, with all the tools to ensure that your journey towards optimum health continues.


To achieve renewed clarity and lightness of being

This Wellness Immersion combines therapies and practices that shift focus inward to heighten self-awareness, infuse a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and develop the skills for managing a stressful lifestyle.

Meditation, Qigong, yoga and breath work complement purification and cleansing rituals, while specialist sessions work deeply to transform the body and mind and may include hypnotherapy, traditional bodywork, and/or mindfulness.

Mental and physical tension is released through daily spa treatments including aquatic bodywork and deep relaxation massage. Nutritional advice may also be included to relieve physiological symptoms of stress while boosting immunity and clarity.

Aiming to shift focus inward to heighten self-awareness, the Immersion ends with a final consultation providing guidance for future therapies and practices that calm external stimuli.


Sample Daily Schedule



Optional morning wellness class*


Wellness movement session: Pilates, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama or Personal Fitness


Wellness therapy session: Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management Coaching or
another movement session

Spa treatment: Aquatic Bodywork, Deep tissue massage, Signature grounding massage


Signature Grounding Massage

This full-body massage honours ancient Tibetan healing traditions to stimulate muscles, while energising the meridian system. This treatment incorporates massage along meridian lines, acupressure, kneading, and deep-tissue techniques. The body massage is followed by a head massage that induces an even deeper level of relaxation.


Freshly-caught seafood from the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, ripe and vibrant tropical fruits, and organic produce from the resort’s aquaponic vegetable garden all feature in the healthy menus curated for Amanyara’s Wellness Immersion program.

A healthy body contributes to a healthy state of mind and Amanyara’s healthy food menu consisting of clean, seasonal and nutritious food aims to stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, harmonise gut flora, support the digestive system, and maximise overall health.

Aquatic Bodywork

This is a form of movement therapy performed in warm water. While floating
in this relatively gravity-free environment, you are moved into stretches following your
body’s natural movement patterns.


This physical, mental and spiritual discipline originated in ancient India. Through the practice
of asana (poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation, the flow of vital energy, body flexibility and mind control are increased, changing patterns of awareness and bringing the entire being into a healthier and more balanced state.


Used across many cultures to focus the mind, meditation helps to relieve stress, calm the emotions and heal the body, while also enlightening those who practice. There are many different techniques and traditions.

*Morning and evening classes vary weekly, depending on visiting practitioners and the way in which the Immersion program is tailored to each individual. Classes may focus on movement, from Tai Chi to Pilates, meditation or educational talks based on the design of the weekly wellness schedule

Wellness Immersions include:

Transfers to and from the property. Dietary recommendations from Amanyara’s Wellness Menu and healthy in-room minibar.

Arrival day: 

Aman Immersion program consultation and AcuGraph test

• One Aman Signature Spa Treatment

Full days:

• One daily spa treatment

• One daily wellness treatment

• One daily private movement session

Departure day:

• Departure consultation

• One spa treatment or private movement session

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