Wellness Consultation

A primary characteristic of most traditional medicines is to treat any health condition by addressing the body as a whole. During a wellness consultation at Amanyara, your Wellness Manager will conduct a thorough health evaluation by discussing not only primary health concerns, but all elements of your wellness and lifestyle.

Visual clues about the body and facial features, as well as postural alignment, palpation (feeling) of the pulse, and directed detailed questions, will all be factored in, in order to give extensive recommendations pertaining to all aspects of wellness, including diet, fitness and lifestyle.ecrets

Experience treatments inspired by the Caribbean ea to purify and delight. Various island massage techniques are used in synergy with Provo’s organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, known for its healing and anti-ageing properties.

Medical Body Composition Assessment

The mBCA machine is designed to analyse all elements of body composition for an in-depth understanding of the state of health of the physical body.

mBCA measures body weight, body mass index, body fat percentage and muscle mass, as well as visceral fat percentage and extra-cellular water retention.

These readings will enable the formulation of a well-rounded health routine taking into account the medical, wellness and fitness perspectives.

The method explores how healthy posture and relearning how our bodies move, positively affects our organs, bolsters our energy, and impacts how we age.

The Erika Bloom Method encompasses Essential Movement as well as holistic nutrition, meditation, fascia release and complementary medicine. Within these offerings, you will receive full support from certified specialists in a calm, embodied state for any age, body type or condition.

Postural Assessment

Aman’s in-depth postural assessment is based on the recognition that each person’s body is unique and their physical regime different. The aim of the assessment is to help make informed decisions about how you choose to move, exercise and take care of your body.
This is suitable for anyone embarking on a new fitness regime or experiencing recurring muscle or joint pain. Postural alignment, strength and flexibility are analysed; strengths, weaknesses and possible areas of concern are identified; and the design of an individual programme suited to personal needs and goals is initiated.

The assessment involves a thorough step-by-step examination to determine any pathological or postural problems, the analysis of physical history, fitness and wellness goals, and a comprehensive study of the body on existing alignment and efficiency of movement – most notably through the shoulders, spine, pelvis and hips.


Biofeedback technology uses a very sensitive machine to test the overall state of health of the body and provides information about the organism at a cellular level. This includes the functionality of each organ, levels of acidity versus alkalinity in the body, the presence of bacteria, parasites, and fungi (e.g. candida) in the system, as well as energy levels – ranging from good to stages I, II and III of exhaustion.

The test allows your Wellness Manager to better understand the state of wellbeing, reasons behind disease, and detect the cause of symptoms during the early stages, and to strategically recommend the best treatment program. Biofeedback treatment program is chosen based on the Biofeedback test results, whereby a specific programme is selected for each individual.

Biofeedback testing provides information based on various metrics of the body, thus during the treatment, a specific vibratory bio resonance frequency is set to target an imbalance. The treatment is safe, painless and works well in conjunction with other treatments.

Meridian Therapy Acupuncture

In a meridian therapy session, a brief discussion of the patient’s health will be conducted. Diseased meridians are quickly diagnosed through pulse-taking, abdominal and meridian palpation, and specific range-of-motion tests.
Points are accurately selected at which to treat both the source and the symptoms of illness. Once the diagnosis is established, your Wellness Manager will apply one or more acupuncture techniques necessary to unblock and balance the meridian system of the body.

Treatments are effective for a wide range of conditions, such as pain, digestive issues, insomnia, allergies and a myriad of other ailments.

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