Holding the spiritual energy of love, this powerful formulation encourages reconnection with the self through the healing of emotional and mental wounds. It leads one towards self-acceptance, enabling individuals to be their most real and best selves, while simultaneously restoring and rejuvenating the body on a physical level.

The key ingredients of jasmine, sandalwood, vitamin B12, fresh royal jelly, jade crystals, silk and gold have all been chosen for their powerful regenerative abilities, fostering a meditative state and feelings of joy. The techniques used in this formulation are geared towards healing.

They include a chakra-balancing massage, mantra music, marma point therapy and the Light Technique – based on the shamanistic principle that luminosity is generated from various points on the head & neck and recommended for treating lacklustre skin, the signs of ageing, anxiety, chronic fatigue and emotional stress, as well as feelings of disconnection, grief and discontentment.

Sea and Island Secrets

Experience treatments inspired by the Caribbean ea to purify and delight. Various island massage techniques are used in synergy with Provo’s organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, known for its healing and anti-ageing properties.

Island Zen

Slow down, relax and let the warm Caribbean vibe take your cares away as you melt into this moment. You begin by being enveloped in the Spa’s sandalwood body wrap, known for its deeply hydrating and nourishing effects on dry and sun-damaged skin.

The pampering continues with Amanyara Spa’s Island Zen. This beautiful blend of shiatsu and Swedish massage is the perfect mix to balance your body’s energies and to promote deep relaxation and harmony on all levels.

Ocean Ritual

Begin with a dry brushing and replenishing seaweed wrap, rich in vital nutrients, before slipping into a relaxing saltwater bath accompanied by irresistible red fruit and chocolate truffle.

Harness the elements of nature to warm the body and help relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints. Your journey concludes with a warm, rhythmic, coconut oil massage.

Couples Journey

Couples treatments are a wonderful way to reconnect and indulge as you take time to relax and unwind together in Amanyara’s beautiful spa sanctuary.

Island Hideaway

Embark on this romantic journey together, beginning with purifying body scrubs, then sharing a luxurious soak outside under the stars in a warm candlelit bath infused with flower petals and essential oils.

After your soak, you are escorted back inside to attain the ultimate state of relaxation by losing yourself in a 90-minute massage of your choice.

Twilight for Two (weather-dependent)

A romantic customised massage by moonlight, using a variety of techniques to meet your specific needs. Enjoying the fantasy-like ocean setting, surrounded by the water’s sounds and tropical aromas. Complete with a glass of champagne.

After your soak, you are escorted back inside to attain the ultimate state of relaxation by losing yourself in a 90-minute massage of your choice.

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