Amanyara Signature Massage

As every person is unique and every treatment is different, this massage allows the therapist to curate a personalised experience appropriate for the guest’s specific needs at that time. Using Aman Spa’s aromatherapy-based massage oils, the therapist draws from a variety of massage techniques, from gentle aromatherapy through to Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage.

Water Shiatsu

Incorporating the principles of Zen shiatsu, this unique therapy allows you to surrender in the supporting arms of your therapist while floating in Amanyara’s volcanic stone pool’s warm waters. Eyes closed, with ears just below the water’s surface, your awareness tunes in to the sound of your breath, your beating heart and the subtleties of your own system.

Through the series of rotational movements the emphasis will be placed on stretching the spinal column, chakras and meridians. Releasing blocked energy and emotional residue, this treatment leaves you in a deeply relaxed and expanded state.

Thai Massage

Improve movement and flexibility through yoga-style stretches and acupressure techniques to release muscular tension. This bodywork therapy is performed over loose comfortable clothing to allow movement. Thai massage is uniquely relaxing yet energising, and is a highly effective therapeutic treatment.

Balanced Stone Therapy

A beautiful blend of hot and cold stone therapies to promote relaxation and revitalise the whole body. The heat of Himalayan salt stones mineralises and allows your therapist to access and heal deeper muscle layers, while the cool jade stones are used to activate the lymphatic system, refresh and reduce swelling.

Foot Reflexology

A natural Chinese healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application of pressure on the reflex points, this healing therapy relieves tension, improves circulation and helps to promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Four-Hand Massage

This harmonising massage involves the synchronicity of two therapists working together to induce a deep state of relaxation. As the mind surrenders control, one lets go of tension and regains harmony.

Mother-to-Be Massage

Starting with a foot ritual to release the tension in the feet, this massage focuses on the legs, lower back, shoulders and neck. Suitable for three to six-month pregnancy.

Exotic Coco Sun Salutation (pre- and post-sun ritual)

Prepare your skin for a sun-kissed glow or cool and nourish a sun-bronzed body. A mixture of sea salts and coconut oil is used for exfoliation in preparation for a warm oil body massage to optimise the absorption of the sea minerals and hydrate the skin.

This pre-sun treatment is completed with the application of a coral-safe sun protector. Recommended at the beginning of your stay after a morning yoga session.

Aman Spa’s post-sun ritual commences with a nourishing aloe vera wrap to cool and heal the skin, followed by a scalp and hair treatment, and rose crystal facial massage. This ritual concludes with a body butter to further hydrate. Recommended at the end of the day before or after meditation.

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