20 Minutes
Sink into the restorative bliss of an aromatherapy bath and discover the synergistic benefits of warm water, ancient detoxifying salts, restorative herbs and powerful essential oils.

Grounding Bath

Himalayan Salts which produces negative ions & Grounding Amethyst Bath & Shower Oil are included in this drawn bath to rejuvenate, relax and ground the mind, body and soul. This bath is complimented with Green Tea and music of choice.

Purifying Bath

This cleansing, detoxifying and energy boosting bath has Auric Cleanse Bath Salts & Quartz Scrub & Soak. This is a great way to end an activity filled day. This bath is complimented with Mint Tea and music of choice.

Nourishing Bath

Amanyara Spa’s nourishing drawn bath includes Aman’s own Coconut Milk Bath and Jade Scrub & Soak for a full body and soul nourishment. This special is complimented with Chamomile Tea and music of choice.

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