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by | Oct 14, 2022

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Sun. Waves. Berry. Repeat. 

In this month’s Spotlight on… we meet Tina Rafael, co-founder of Crest & Berry, one of the newest social spaces in the heart of Grace Bay, Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  Crest & Berry serve refreshing and healthy bowls, beverages and snacks in beautiful surroundings with beach views, a relaxed atmosphere and a very Instagramable swing seat!   

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Tina, tell us why you decided to open Crest & Berry?

Annie Lee Borges, Tobias Rafael and I decided collectively that something was missing from the island for residents and tourists—a healthy refreshing treat to enjoy in a laid-back social space.   In particular, acai bowls are something that we all love but we found them to be a rare and expensive find on the islands.   Acai bowls have grown in popularity throughout the US and Canada and they seemed like the perfect offering for Providenciales. 

We opened in December 2021 and were excited to introduce our amazing smoothie drinks and bowls that are made with superfruits packed full of health benefits for bodies and minds.  We wanted to create an uplifting space that would attract people looking for healthy, delicious treats (and to entice those who might not normally consider them!). 

This place is absolutely adorable and the acai bowls are exceptional.  All fresh and beautifully put together.


What is the ethos behind Crest & Berry?

We had a gorgeous, light-filled vibe in mind for the space and we also wanted to ensure that our products were as good, if not better, than what’s on offer elsewhere.   We like to surprise people with just how mouthwateringly good healthy food can taste.  We also wanted to highlight the artistry of food.  Our incredible team enjoy creating beautiful bowls topped with fresh cut fruits, sprinkled with seeds and drizzled with a little extra goodness of honey, agave, sun butter or Nutella.  They are very visually appealing.

The other important consideration when we created Crest & Berry was ensuring that EVERYONE could enjoy it.   There are so many people with severe food allergies and strict dietary restrictions.  Designing a menu that was nut free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and Kosher was important to us because we know how vital that is to so many. 

So welcoming and the friendliest staff!  Smoothies are real fruit—no ice or syrup added.  Finally! So happy to have this place in TCI.


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What has been your biggest highlight and biggest challenge to date?

The biggest challenge we face is sourcing the fresh fruit and specialty products that meet our strict dietary guidelines.  We expected this to be our biggest challenge and we have actually faired pretty well despite a few occasions where there were no bananas on the island for almost a week and then no fresh strawberries after the hurricane.  Luckily, we have a creative team who can whip up delicious alternatives and loyal guests who are always understanding.

The biggest highlight so far has been the genuine unsolicited feedback we receive so regularly from our guests.  It is truly fulfilling to have created something that so many people appreciate and love.  We love it when we see guests daily for the entire duration of their trip to the Turks & Caicos Islands and we love watching people snap photos of their bowls and their friends and family on our infamous swing. 

Amazing!  A must visit when in Turks & Caicos.  Everything is SO fresh, the space is too cute, and the staff are really great and helpful.


What’s your favorite place to visit or thing to do on the Turks & Caicos islands?

I love, love, love paddleboarding in the mangroves…early in the morning before the excursion groups arrive, when it’s so quiet and peaceful.  For an adrenaline rush, wakeboarding with Wake to Wake or kiteboarding on Long Bay.  Boating and exploring all the cays on the islands is a firm favorite as well.  And for a break, well of course Crest & Berry or the beach.  It will come as no surprise to hear that Crest & Berry treats often accompany us on the boat and to the beach!

Phenomenal!  We went every single day during our time in Provo. I tried a different bowl or smoothie each time and every one was better than the other.


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What do your customers tell you that they love most about Crest & Berry?

They love how welcoming and kind our team members are, and many of them enjoy watching as we create their bowls like a piece of art.  The Pura Vida bowl is a consistent go-to for many and those that like a little more zing choose the Dragon Cay or Bright Bowl.  Our younger fans can’t seem to get enough of our NuBerry bowl that is drizzled (heavily) with Nutella atop fresh sliced strawberries and bananas with our acai base.  For those on the go, looking for their proper protein start to the day, they often choose the Cocoa Cabana smoothie. 

We can’t wait to try a healthy bowl, where can we find out more about Crest & Berry?

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