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by | Dec 1, 2021

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Caribbean traveler. Cricket & sailing fanatic. Dad of two. And lover of Irish whiskey

Why I started Turks & Caicos Experiences

I founded Turks & Caicos Experiences in 2021 to showcase the best of everything the islands have to offer from yoga & wellness retreats and restaurants, to beautiful beaches, water sports and memorable experiences.

It felt like the right time to provide an alternative to the traditional travel agent or hotel concierge desk.

With knowledge acquired through many years of Caribbean travel, Turks & Caicos Experiences is a one-stop destination for travelers to plan and research every aspect of their trip.

Offering a wealth of choice in one place removes any stress from planning the perfect Caribbean vacation. I want travelers to arrive relaxed, excited and ready for their trip of a lifetime.

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My passion for the Caribbean

I first visited the Caribbean in the early 90s when I crewed a trans-Atlantic sailing boat from Europe to Antigua and I’ve never forgotten how it felt to arrive in English Harbour.

I was blown away by the sights, smells and sounds of a tropical paradise. It was a life-changing moment and ignited my passion for this magical part of the world.

Ever since then, I’ve traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and love how each and every island has a distinct history, character and culture. I could spend a lifetime exploring the islands and there would still be more to discover!

Our post-pandemic wanderlust

The global pandemic has made us all take stock, myself included. We’ve realised what’s important – work-life balance, wellbeing and making memories with those we love.

After enduring various lockdowns over the last couple of years, there’s now an increasing desire to start traveling once more. At the same time, we’re more aware of our health and wellbeing than ever before. The Turks & Caicos Islands are the perfect luxury travel destination to take timeout and completely unwind.

The islands offer award-winning fine dining and wide ranging accommodation. You can spend your time relaxing with a delicious cocktail on the pristine white sand beaches or discover a wealth of activities; from boat trips & scuba diving, to horseback riding & kiteboarding.

The islands are renowned for having several upscale wellness and yoga retreats to rejuvenate tired minds and bodies and restore some much-needed balance.

My Caribbean Highlights

  1. Sailing into English Harbour, Antigua after completing the trans-Atlantic crossing from Europe in 1992.  It was my first ever experience of the Caribbean and I instantly fell in love.
  2. Buying fresh lobster from the back of a yacht in The Grenadines. The most delicious supper I’ve ever eaten.
  3. Mooring overnight next to the breath-taking volcanic spires of The Pitons in Saint Lucia.
  4. A day’s sea fishing with family & friends on a chartered fishing boat is always guaranteed fun.
  5. Hiking to hidden waterfalls and cooling off when you arrive, bliss!

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